WesternOne™ Marker Pen
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DNA Electrophoresis flow

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Distributor Testimonials

"ACTGene's three Workflow Essentials - DNA/RNA Electrophoresis, Protein Electrophoresis, and PCR provide not only solutions to our end user customers for cost saving and unique product benefit advatnages over competitions, but also help distributors like us to have access to COMPLETE lines of eletctrophoresis and PCR product portfolios for effective sourcing, market promotation, and product launches." - Distributor, Australia  

By introducing ACTGene's Top 50 Bioreagent products, we are able to offer an entirely new product line, not just one or two single products, and capture growth in a relatively new market sector for our company. We know we have made the right decision to work with ACTGene when our bioreagent sales grew 250% within three months of product launch." - Lab Product Distribution, South America

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