Dry Bath & Incubator

UniPact™ Shaking Incubator
DualBloc Cooling/Heating Dry Bath
BenchMate Cooling and Heating Thermo Mixer
PALM™ Dry Bath, Portable with optional car charger
DryBlock™ Dry Bath

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DualBloc™ Cooling/Heating (-10 to 100 degrees) Dry Bath     l Literature l    

Innovation design accomodating two blocks for two independent digital temperature controllings.  Each block can be set at different temperature.  Ideal for multiple users and applications that require samples to be transferred between two temperatures quickly.  Different blocks Perfect for activation fo cultures, enzyme reactions, immunoassays, melting/boiling points, and etc.  Many excahngeable blocks to choose from. 

™ Cooling and Heating (0 to 100 degrees) Thermo Mixer 
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Termperature controlled vortexer that is designed for a variety of applications requiring consistent and precise mixing and incubation, offering heating and cooling (0 to 100 degrees), and shaking capabilities, all in one. With interchangeable blocks to accommodate a variety of tubes and microplate, and LCD display, BenchMate is the versatile tool for every lab.


PALM™ Dry Bath, Portable with optional car charger
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PALM PHpalm dry bath

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DryBlock™ Dry Bath    l Literature l
Temperaure set between 0 - 100 with programmable time up to 24 hours. Allow for up to 3 segments of time phases and temperature ramps. Each segment runs automatically to the next segment. The interchangement of different blocks is easy and convenient.


 Enzymatic reaction and heat inactivation

• Gel purification, restriction, ligation

• Denatureof DNA and protein

 Temperary storage of cells, samples and enzymes

• In vitro/insitu hybridization transcription / translation iso





Power supply 110-230V, 12 V DC, 5 A
Temperature range 0℃ - 100
Time Range 1 min to 23 hr 59 min
Programmable Segments 3
Temperature precision ?¡§¡è0.2
Display precision 0.1

Average heating rate from
16 to 60

8/ min.
Average chilling rate from
60  to 16
3 / min.
Average chilling rate from
25to 4
3/ min.
Dimensions 185x185x90 mm
Working area dimensions 110 x 72.5 mm
(fits a standard 96 well plate)
Weight 1.5kg
*Room temperature at 25, with 4*0.2ml blocks


Interchangeable blocks: