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DNA Electrophoresis Workflow

Agarose powder

Only green agarose product in market, m anufactured using advanced proprietary technology that excludes the use of organic solvents, HyAgarose™ is a line of cleaner agarose products with significantly reduced environmental impact at improved cost efficiency delivering same reliable high quality. HyAgarose™ represents total green solution that includes four types of agarose products.  Learn more.   

 Agarose tablet 
LE Agarose Tablet delivered in blister convenient pack. Optimized gel strength and Low EEO for ease of handling, high clarity, and low background sharp band separation. Learn more.


HydraGreen buttonSafe and sensitive ethidium bomide alternative, availabe in two formats: HydraGreen Safe DNA Dye, 20,000X in Water and 6x HydraGreen Safe Loading Buffer. Learn more.


DNA Marker buttonDNA marker choices in 100bp, 1kb, and 1kb plus.  Long shelf life with room temperature storage flexibility.  Learn more.