Direct from Manufacturer - Cost Effective OEM, Marketing and Technical Support - total solution for your Life Science Distribution Business 

Our OEM manufacturing and service includes: 

"Ready-to-sell" private labeled product 
OEM Packaging (your logo and look) 
Ph.D. level technical support 
Sample kits 
Sales training (Market Competitive analysis, customer profile, key words and etc.)  
Marketing materials and product literatures 
Newsletter templates for your most effective mass email campaigns 
Inventory management  

Our extensive experience in OEM manufacturing, marketing and technical support service allow us to deliver total life science product solution that enable our distributors effectively work through initial product launch and scale up selling activities.  To learn why our service had worked so well for our existing distribution customers, please visit About.  
As a life science product manufacturer, ACTGene works closely with our distribution partners to provide value added customized packaging and product mix solutions backed by the best possible product quality and manufacturer technical support.   
QUALITY and SERVICE you can count on  
Manufacturer technical support is an essential and crucial part of successful product launch for our distribution customers. We are proud to offer service that empowers and enables our distributors to effectively launch life science product and grow business in respective life science market. Please contact us to inquire about ACTGene's step by step Life Science Partner Program where ACTGene strives to work alongside of our distributor to jump start or expand your life science business. 

Why leverage ACTGene manufactured products and service for life science market?

- Life science is one of the fastest growing markets in scientific research sector
- High margin 
- Low up front capital investment and storage spacing  
Bundling product lines that target the same customer base you already call on
 Way to build and expand steady and loyal customer base 
- Straight forward selling process that involves research based customer